Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Merry New Christmas Year

I'm so confused! As I mentioned in my previous post, this is Christmas Part B for my household. (Getting divorced and establishing a blended family will do this to the holiday season.) Today is New Year's Eve, but my children opened their Christmas presents this morning.

We're driving to Peterborough tomorrow to celebrate — ummmm … I think it's still Christmas for a few days yet.


At 9:31 PM, December 31, 2005, Blogger The Misanthrope said...

You don't really have much choice in those kinds of things. I am always glad when Xmas is over. The only thing I don't like is all the traffic returns.

Happy New Year.

At 11:06 AM, January 01, 2006, Blogger Juggling Mother said...

Merry Christmas mark 2:-)

Lets be honest, the actual date is the least important part of the celebrations! Have fun. And happy new year too.

At 1:41 PM, January 01, 2006, Blogger Sadie Lou said...

I have a celebration coming on the 15th. Gah! Will Christmas never end?
I'll be thankful when the season has settled down.
2006 looks so nice, doesn't it? All those round numbers.

At 2:49 AM, January 02, 2006, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Here is to a great 2006.

At 11:05 AM, January 02, 2006, Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said...

• Misanthrope:
I'm writing from my sister's house in Port Perry (outside of Toronto). I find the Christmas holidays exhausting rather than refreshing, but it's good to keep these relationships up. I'm too much of an introvert … Christmas requires me to socialize, and it's for the best.

• Mrs. Aginoth:
I agree, the date is not significant. Thanks for the good wishes.

• Sadie Lou:
Still celebrating Christmas on January 15th?! I pass my crown over to you — you're the new champ.

• Jack:
Thanks, and the same to you and your family.


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