Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jesus' performance evaluation

Over at Ragged Glory, I have published a new post. I encourage inquirers to subject Jesus to a kind of performance evaluation.

Each of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) begins with John's prophecy about the "Coming One". That prophecy functions as a standard against which Jesus may be judged — suitable criteria for a performance evaluation.

Is Jesus the Christ (i.e., the Messiah)? His ministry corresponded to John's expectation — but imperfectly.

I'm going to publish the historical data section as a separate post, probably later this weekend. There I will discuss the difference between the accounts of Matthew and Luke, on the one hand, and Mark, on the other.

This will open up a discussion of the "two source" theory of Gospel origins. The two source theory suggests that Matthew and Luke had two primary sources which they utilized in constructing their Gospels. First, they incorporated most of Mark in their Gospels (with many editorial changes). Second, they utilized a lost account of Jesus' sayings, which scholars designate "Q".

(Yes, just like my pseudonym in the blogosphere … what a coincidence.)


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